McLaren Traffic Engineering has experience in a broad range of Traffic Engineering practices. With over 20 years in the industry McLaren has consulted on diverse projects, in terms of both scale and nature. 

Development Applications

As Sydney grows into an international city, traffic and parking issues become more important to both Councils and developers. McLaren Traffic has extensive experience completing detailed, comprehensive Traffic and Parking Impact Assessments for a range of development types and scales. Our past projects include but are not limited to:

  • Childcare Centres;
  • Shopping and Retail Centres;
  • Clubs and Licensed Premises;
  • Residential Flat Buildings (including mixed-use centres);
  • Industrial Parks and Units;
  • Quarries and large-scale industrial & commercial sites;
  • Subdivision and Planning Proposals;
  • Function Centres;
  • Parking Facilities.

Expert Witness

Craig McLaren is sought after in litigation that hinges on traffic and parking issues and has extensive experience as an expert witness in Land & Environment Court proceedings. 


As part of the focus on internal development at McLaren, several of the McLaren engineers have been given experience acting as expert witnesses in S34 proceedings and are backed by Craig's body of knowledge and pragmatic, reasonable approach.

Fields of Special Competence:

  • Traffic and Parking Impact Assessments;
  • Transport Planning;
  • Bicycle Plans;
  • Special Event Transport Planning;
  • Road Safety Audits (RTA Accredited Level 3 Auditor) of existing roads, road designs (corridor/roundabouts/signals), bicycle routes, shopping centers and thematic audits of development related impacts.;
  • Expert witness at Land & Environment Court, Supreme Court and Commission of Inquiry;
  • Car parking and loading dock design/certification;
  • Sub-divisional/Industrial Site Layouts;
  • SIDRA/SCATES/INTANAL Intersection Modelling;
  • Aimsun Microscopic Modelling;
  • Traffic Management & Traffic Control Plans;
  • Heavy Vehicle Corridor Testing (Semi-Trailer. B-Double, Fire Appliance).