McLaren Traffic Engineering holds to its core business values at all times, with a vision not only for better and more suitable development outcomes, but also the best interests of our employees, clients and the wider community.



We are committed to our clients and commit ourselves to service and delivery to the highest standard possible. Your project is our project, from conception to completion.

We believe in delivering unequivocal excellence in everything that we do.



In our industry, the community are stakeholders. We recognise the importance of good transport outcomes and work to maintain a high standard in every project in which we are involved.



The responsible, suitable and forwards-thinking development of land is at the basis of any great city. We recognise and encourage good, responsible development to achieve positive planning outcomes. 



We respect and encourage the individuality and passion of our people, to whom we owe our success. 



Our innovative approach and technical capabilities set us apart from competitors. Our young, technically proficient staff, married with years of experience in the industry, enable us to complete unique projects and provide technically excellent solutions to our clients.



Safety is the utmost priority, for our people, clients and the end user. We take responsibility for delivering projects with the lowest acceptable risk to every party.